Super Tuesday Results: Trump, Clinton Win Big Around Dinwiddie As Voters Turn Out For Primaries

Michael Campbell March 2, 2016 Dinwiddie News, Virginia News

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, VIRGINIA – As Super Tuesday fades into the political background, the Republican and Democratic primaries saw big turnouts and a decisive victory by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a significantly closer win by Republican candidate Donald Trump over Marco Rubio.

According to state data, over 1 million voters took part in the GOP primary, while another 700,000 cast ballots in the Presidential Democratic primary during the day on Tuesday. Speaking with Prince George County Registrar Katherine Tyler, she reported few problems at the county’s polling places with approximately 27 percent voter turnout.

“The biggest issue we had is a couple of people wanted to vote in both primaries,” Tyler explained. “All in all, everything went very smooth.”

In Dinwiddie County, Registrar Linda Brandon was in the midst of completing canvassing procedures and was unavailable for comment as of the time of this story.

Within Dinwiddie, both Trump and Clinton carried significant leads to victory in the county, as Trump, the well-known business mogul, won 51 percent of the vote and former Secretary of State Clinton earned 83 percent of the vote in the county, beating fellow democratic presidential challenger and Vermont lawmaker Bernie Sanders.

DINWIDDIE COUNTY RESULTS: Republican Presidential Primary – 2016
Data Provided by Virginia Dept. of Elections
Candidate                            Votes                     Percent      
Marco Rubio                            575                           20.80%
Lindsey Graham*                    1                               0.04%
Ben Carson                               182                            6.58%
Rand Paul                                 2                               0.07%
Mike Huckabee                       5                               0.18%
Ted Cruz                                   455                           16.46%
Donald Trump  ✓                  1,421                         51.41%
Jim Gilmore                            6                               0.22%
Chris Christie*                        4                               0.14%
Jeb Bush                                  13                               0.47%
Rick Santorum*                      0                               0.00%
John Kasich                            99                               3.58%
Carly Fiorina*                         1                               0.04%

DINWIDDIE COUNTY RESULTS: Democratic Presidential Primary – 2016
Data Provided by Virginia Dept. of Elections
Candidate                            Votes                     Percent      
Hillary Clinton    ✓                   1,935                          83.33%
Bernie Sanders                         375                            16.15%
Martin J. O’Malley                   12                                0.52%

Following Clinton’s victory in Virginia, where she earned nearly two-thirds of the overall vote around the Commonwealth, the Democratic Party of Virginia congratulated both candidates for their campaign efforts in the state and to the volunteers who organized events in the days leading up to the primary.

“Virginians stood with Hillary because she stands with us,” DPV Chairwoman Susan Swecker said in a statement Tuesday night. “Hillary exemplifies leadership and has shown Virginians that she can and will build upon President Obama’s successes and move America forward.”

In a statement Tuesday, The Republican Party of Virginia calls Virginia a “key to winning the White House” and that their “candidates showed tonight that whomever is our nominee has what it takes to win our Commonwealth in November.”

“This was a truly amazing night in Virginia,” RPV Chairman John Whitbeck said Tuesday. “We smashed our previous GOP record and the Democrats in 2008 for primary turnout. The enthusiasm for the GOP in Virginia is overshadowing the Democrats here and across the Country.”

Along with Virginia, Trump earned victories in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Vermont. Republican Candidate Ted Cruz was able to earn wins in Alaska, Oklahoma, and his home state of Texas. Marco Rubio, who finished a close second to Trump in Virginia, only managed to win in Minnesota during the state’s caucus.

On the Democratic side, Clinton trounced Sanders with wins in Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Texas. Sanders did get enough support in the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses, along with Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont to win those states by significant margins over Clinton.

Coming up later this month is another slew of primaries and caucuses, with March 5 featuring Kansas caucuses, the Kentucky & Maine Republican Caucus, Louisiana primaries, and the Nebraska Democratic Caucus. The first of the “winner-take-all” primaries begins on March 15, featuring the states of Florida & Ohio. In these primaries, the winner in each respective state will earn all of the state’s available delegates toward their push for the Republican and Democratic nomination.

Republicans need 1,237 delegates to win the nod from the party while Democratic candidates need 2,383 for the nomination.

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