Lottery Fever Sweeps Across Virginia As Powerball Jackpot Soars to $1.4 Billion

Michael Campbell January 11, 2016 Dinwiddie News, National News, Virginia News

CENTRAL VIRGINIA – Another day means another increase in the Powerball jackpot after no one was able to match all six numbers to win $900 million on Saturday, causing the multi-state lottery to rise to $1.4 billion, lottery officials announced Monday morning.

Virginia Lottery reported that over 489,000 Powerball tickets were bought in the Commonwealth for Saturday’s drawing, including a ticket sold in the city of Suffolk worth $1 million.

In addition, another 15 tickets each won $50,000 in Saturday’s drawing, sold in locations spanning from Dumfries and Alexandria in Northern Virginia to Midlothian, Waynesboro, and Montpelier to name a few.

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“The excitement generated by that [$1.4 billion] estimated jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing is expected to lead to record sales in Virginia,” Virginia Lottery officials said in a statement Monday morning.

In total, nearly 500,000 winning tickets were sold across the state, with prizes ranging from $4 to $1 million.

If one ticket matches all six numbers in Wednesday’s drawing, the winner will have a choice: either take the full $1.4 billion jackpot in 30 annual payments, or choose a one-time cash option of approximately $868 million before taxes. If multiple tickets match all six numbers Wednesday, the jackpot will be divided among them equally.

The Powerball jackpot has been one for the record books, blasting past previous jackpot records, including the top Powerball jackpot of $590.5 million won in May 2013 by Gloria Mackenzie. Once someone hits the jackpot, it will also rank #1 among North American lottery jackpots, beating the March 2012 record of $656 million, held by Mega Millions.

Local stores have reported high turnouts and demand for tickets over the past week going into last Saturday’s drawing and that demand has increased at some places as Wednesday’s drawing approaches.

That demand has led to Powerball seeing over $3 billion in sales during Fiscal Year 2016, including $235 million in Powerball Power Play sales, according to lottery data.

Heading into Wednesday, the odds of winning the grand prize sits at 1 in 292,201,338.00

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